Jake Hill

Valley of Fire - Nevada State Park

Identity brand for ‘Dapper Dude’ a line of personal care products targeted towards 20-30 year old males. The name is etymologically derived from: dapper, meaning “neat, trim, smart ” and dude meaning “a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners.”

The names of the products serve as reminders of what value they lend to the consumer– “Stay Fresh” (mouthwash) “Remain Clean” (razor) “Live Worthy” (cologne) and “Be Noticed” (pomade). The clean type and subtle ornamentation throughout the system reflects the product’s high-end nature.


They notice your hair;
the way it looks,
the way it feels,
the way it smells.

Being noticeable is
being distinguished.

Be noticed.
Be dapper…



A fresh mouth is the
birthing ground
of intelligent conversation,
of inspiring speeches,
of eloquent discourse.

From a fresh mouth
comes fresh words.

Stay fresh,
Stay dapper,


Safety Razor

A clean shave
is a right of passage,
a tradition of men,
a polished appearance.

A clean face is a
clean first impression.

Remain clean,
Remain dapper,



A man's scent speaks of
what hes seen,
where hes gone,
what hes done.

A worthy scent parallels
a worthy story.

Live worthy,
Live dapper,