Jake Hill

Valley of Fire - Nevada State Park

I spent the greater part of February in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games working alongside my father as a jib assistant for Olympic Broadcasting Services at the Halfpipe, Arials, and Moguls events.

This is a visualization of this major life experience for myself, my first time in Russia, my first time over seas, my first time outside of the United States. Being amongst so many unfamiliar cultures in a place I knew very little about was a truly humbling experience. It made the world a much smaller place, being able to talk (at least attempt to), laugh, and smile with complete strangers from the other side of the world.

I created an infographic using data gathered about myself while I was there. I turned toward automated and manual forms of data tracking; everything from food and drink intake, to photos taken, to quality of sleep, and more.

These numbers lines, dots, and numbers aren’t just data to me though, every point on each graph is linked to a memory. The high point on the steps graph brings me back to the day I spent exploring downtown Sochi, touching the Black Sea for the first time. The dip in the tempurature graph is the night I watched David Wise take the Gold in the first ever Men’s Ski Halfpipe. The drinks graph equal all the clincked glasses over meals shared with my dad.

This is a memory, my time at the Olypmics.